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MC Scientific is proud to announce that we are now the sole Australian distributors for the ISOLAB RANGE making us your one stop shop for laboratory consumables and equipment!

Let the IsoLab range be the solution to all your laboratory consumable requirements! 

Contact us today on 02 4229 6611 or email sales@mcscientific.com.au for a quote.

The IsoLab range includes:

  • Glassware – Beakers, Reagent Bottles, Conical (Erlenmeyer) Flasks, Measuring Cylinders, Mixing Cylinders, Buchner Flasks, Density Bottles (Pycnometers), Burettes, Funnels, Desiccators, Watch Glasses, Microscope Slides, Stoppers And Pipettes Along With A Huge Range Of Interchangeable Glassware
  • Plasticware – Beakers, Flasks, Tube Racks, Jugs, Wash Bottles, Spatulas, Scoops, Stoppers, Weighing Dishes, Funnels And Desiccators
  • Volumetric Measurement and Liquid Handling – Quality Pipettors And Tips, Pipette Fillers And Bottle Top Dispensers
  • Metalware – Spatulas, Forceps, Scissors, Scoops, Beakers, Jugs And Dissecting Equipment
  • General Labware – Timers, Thermohygrometers, Stirrer Bars, Brushes, Ph Indicator Strips, Pipette Stands/Racks And Much More!

Benefits of the IsoLab range:

  • All items undergo a stringent quality control process
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Ease of use and reliability
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Batch conformity certificates can be supplied for volumetric glassware (on request)


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MC SCIENTIFIC is a well respected Laboratory consumable Supplier. Our company represents many reputable brands throughout the Scientific industry, priding ourselves on going that extra mile to satisfy our customers requirements.

We are your one stop shop when looking for quality products & good old fashioned customer service.

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