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Ajax Finechem

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The Ajax Finechem product range ;

Includes ACS grade reagents, high purity acids and solvents for HPLC, GC, Spectroscopy and Pesticide Residue analysis, volumetric solutions, pH buffer solutions ICP & AAS standards, certified ultra pure acids for trace metal analysis and a range of products for specific applications.


Ajax Chemical Grades

UNIPURE® Extra Pure Analytical Reagents

Ultra pure reagents that exceed ACS specifications are used in highly sensitive analysis. These reagents are ideal for trace metal analysis and as reference standards.

UNIVAR® Analytical Reagents

UNIVAR® products have long been recognised as the standard for analytical reagents in Australia and in overseas markets. In many cases, the purity conforms to and exceeds ACS.

UNIVOL® Analytical Volumetric Solutions

UNIVOL® ready to use analytical volumetric solutions are standardised to specific concentrations normally used in laboratory analysis.

UNILAB® Laboratory Reagents

UNILAB® products are reagent quality chemicals suitable for general laboratory work, and in most cases, meet BP and/or USP standards.


UNICHROM® product range is specially made for high performance liquid chromatography. The range includes high purity solvents, tested to meet strict UV absorbance specifications as well as ion pairing reagents.

SPECTROSOL® Spectroscopy Reagents

SPECTROSOL® reagents are specifically made to conform to strict quality specifications for UV, Visible and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) techniques.


TECHNICAL General purpose reagents for qualitative work


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